Goal Streaks

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Reasons to try GoalStreaks

Set your goals
With GoalStreaks, setting your goals is easy. Create your goal, decide how often you want to work towards it and GoalStreals takes care of the rest.
Build your streak
When working towards a new goal, consistency is everything. GoalStreaks keeps track of how long you've been on your streak to keep you motivated to stay on track.
Customize your schedule
Have some days when you're not available to work on your goal? Not a problem. Customize your settings so that you can work in the time that suits you best.
Simple, lightweight, streamlined
GoalStreaks was designed to keep you focused on your goals. The app was designed to be easy and simple to use, with no ads or distractions.

Don't break the streak!

Whether it's getting in shape or writing a book, the best way to achieve your goals is by taking regular, meaningful steps towards them.

Build up a streak by keeping to the schedule you define and try to make an ever-longer streak.


Your goal, your schedule

Define the schedule for your goal activity that works best for you. Pick a pace that you're comfortable with.

The most important thing is to build your goal streak - try to never miss a day!


Awesome & Effective!

Been using this app for over a year and it’s helped me maintain consistency with working out, as well as saving money. I love keeping a streak and when I break a streak I get back on it! Anyone who is a goal setter were trying to create a habit NEEDS this!



Just what I was looking for

There is something to be said for the power of the check. Placing that check next to a completed task is one of the most powerful motivators that my brain can respond to. I know it isn't for everyone- but this app is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I literally wanted a calendar that showed the days I have stayed on my diet, my exercise and even my reading. It's a strange type of personal micromanagement that just works for me. I love this app.




This app understands that you don't just want to build habits — you want to accomplish goals. When you create a habit, you enter both your *goal* and the *action* you want to take to accomplish it. This really makes you think about what you want, and it gives you perspective. It's stylish, reliable, and easy to understand. I wish more apps would follow this one: manipulate content, not buttons.

Tyler Wayneford

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Goal Streaks

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